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Vets For Ukraine

FVE, with the support of FECAVA and WVA, developed a web portal as a hub to coordinate aid by veterinarians to help Ukrainian veterinarians, their families and animals.  On this website, we brought together all the information provided to us in the last few days. We have collated all the


FECAVA Global Principles of Veterinary Collegiality

HOW TO BE A GOOD VETERINARY COLLEAGUE?* Respect your colleagues Don’t discriminate Communicate openly and honestly Never denigrate a colleague in front of others Support and play an active part in professional organizations Provide clear and comprehensive notes for referral patients Be aware of the health, wellbeing and safety of


Air-transport of brachycephalic pets: Join the webinar!

Air-transport of brachycephalic pets: Join the webinar! On 1 April 2021 at 17.00 PM Bruxelles time (5:00 pm CET; 11:00 am UTC-4) FVE/FECAVA/Animal Transportation Association will run a joint webinar on air-transport of brachycephalic pets. The webinar focuses on the critical issue of thousands of pets shipped annually by air.