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The Feline Medicine group operates within the framework of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society and is a National Partner της International Society of Feline Medicine (I.S.F.M.).

All registered members of the pet sector of the HVMS can participate in the group, without any additional subscription.

The purpose of the group is the continuous education of its members and the deepening of their knowledge in the latest data concerning Feline Medicine.

From its inception, the group’s founding members were considered a “working group”. They were the ones who until now planned, edited and organized the group’s actions, which mainly consisted of scientific events (via webinars) but also other activities (cat nests). Much more actions are expected from the team in the near future.

Each member of the group can, if there are open positions, also participate in the working group, which in essence constitutes a core of planning actions and work, which is open to everyone.

We invite you to participate in the Feline Medicine group by informing the HVMS secretariat. You can also declare your desire to participate in the working group to the scientific leader of the group, professor Mr. Panagiotis Xenoulis.

The Feline Medicine Group has been a member of ISFM since 2020: